Who DOESN’T love a donut/doughnut? I know I love them and I’m hoping that whoever is reading this is a donut fan! I’m actually craving one right now, while writing this, which is ridiculous because I spend all day making sweets I should be over them by now!!!

My top tip for this Tuesday is how to make a marbled glaze for dipping your donuts! I use ganache for my donuts because I love the taste and it’s the perfect consistency. The simplest way to achieve the prettiest marbled donuts whether you’re trying to achieve galaxy themed donuts, rainbow, or in this case unicorn themed donuts, is to add the colour straight in (i’ll explain in a moment). Either way, marbled donuts match so many different themes!

I apologise in advance for my lack of pictures, I originally wanted to make this a pictorial however, I forgot to take photos of the process (SORRY!) so just bare with me while I use my words…

Firstly, start with white chocolate ganache. I use a 3:1 ratio of chocolate to cream and add in white gel food colouring by wilton. The white gel not only cuts through the natural yellow tinge of the ganache but it also allows your colours to remain separate which blends a lot nicer, in comparison to using un-bleached ganache (that sounded better in my head, it now sounds like its a cleaning tutorial).

After you have coloured your ganache:
Here’s the fun part, no need to separate your ganache into little bowls and colour them individually, just dot your food gel colouring right in the bowl! Use only a little dot of colouring at a time over the white chocolate ganache in the bowl.

After you have added gel colouring:
Take a skewer and run it through the colours to create a marbled look. If you dip your donut right in, you’ll get quite an intense colour so what I like to do is take a little spoon or mini spatula and slightly fold the ganache and colours together to cut through the intensity of the colours. Now get dipping! you’ll get different patterns each time and that’s the beauty of it! I used blue, purple and pink to achieve this marbled look. I finished them off wth some sprinkles and voila! Unicorn themed donuts.

The beauty of this technique is that you can add more and more colour to the ganache as you wish, but remember you can’t take it away so be very minimal with your colouring in the beginning.


Happy baking! Ps the sprinkles are by @twinklesprinkles.au

Love, Nelle xox