Cookies have been taken up a whole other level with this new trend that has broken the internet and made cookie lovers dreams come true! All thanks to @adikosh123 who introduced us to this beautiful little creation.

Many talented bakers have made their mark on this new trend by putting their own spin on things, my favourite version has come from @christinascupcakes who made a mermaid inspired cookie cake! (Go Christina!)

Now for my take on things, The first time i made a cookie cake was around valentines day and nothing screams valentine day like sweets do! I decided to make the word LOVE because what better way to show someone you love them but tell them in cookie form?! IMG_4678 (1) copy.jpg
I also recently made two large letter cookie cakes for two precious little girls, the colour scheme was peach, pink, ivory and gold.

Here are my tips for making a cookie cake:

I used a sugar cookie recipe, sorry, I can’t share my recipe! 😉 But any cookie you like should work! Gingerbread would be awesome especially around Christmas time!

To cut out my letters I just made a rough template on Microsoft word, made it the size I wanted and printed it out.


Once I printed it out I laminated the letters individually and then cut around the laminate sheet to cut out the letters.

Once you have cut out your letters you have your own template! This can be done with virtually any letters, numbers, and shapes. This could also work if you drew your own shape onto paper and laminated it. If you need something bigger than A4 and don’t have a printer that can print it I usually just go to my local Officeworks or any printing place and ask them to print it. I laminate the paper because if I wanted to use it more than once, paper would eventually disintegrate, have oil stains and become flimsy. By laminating it you are creating a stronger template that you can use multiple times.


I have also tried to hand cut the letters but I can never achieve consistency, if I have a template it makes it super easy, quick and consistent!


TIP: Freeze the dough after you have cut it out for at least 10 minutes so it doesn’t lose shape.


I let my cookie dough cook until I get a golden brown (not burnt, but golden) to the dough, if your dough is too blonde in colour you run the risk of breakage. Once baked, allow the cookies to completely cool before decorating.

You could use a range of fillings here but one thing to keep in mind is when you’re serving, if you are planning to serve right away then using a moist filling like a lemon curd would be fine. However, if you were planning on decorating and not eating right away your filling could create a soggy cookie! To prevent this you could add a thin layer of melted chocolate between the cookie and filling.


Here are the fillings I would use:
SMBC: Light and fluffy frosting which flavours well, Puree some strawberries and add to your SMBC for a tangy and fresh hit! Some may find this a bit heavy for a delicate cookie so keep scrolling for some lighter alternatives.


Mock cream: My other alterative is mock cream!
Mock cream is just a light-frosting alternative, used in many bakeries and is a safer alternative to fresh cream. Fresh cream may be too light to hold the weight of a cookie on top as well as toppings. It may also spoil if on display for too long.

Some other fillings that I’ve seen include meringue, mascarpone, and cream cheese filling. My advice is to go with what you enjoy eating and of course consider your toppings! If you are expecting a warm day outside and you want to display it outdoors, cream cheese won’t be a good idea as there is a risk of spoilage. You can also use a chocolate ganache, or a whipped chocolate ganache. This will hold up slightly better than a buttercream.

It is also good to remember the weight of your cookie, if your cookie is thick you may want to consider a denser filling as the weight of the top cookie can squish the filling, making it poke out of the sides.

Toppings: For my LOVE cake, I chose to keep it simple. I added fresh berries, mini meringue kisses fresh florals and gold leaf for an extravagant touch. Anything delicious that you would want to eat with the cookie and filling. You could of course add whatever toppings you like such as chopped up chocolates, popcorn, crushed oreos, lollies and candies whatever you like!

For the one I made recently I followed a colour scheme of peach, ivory, blush pink and gold. I decided to use fresh peach slices, peach and pink roses, ivory macarons and I made the cutest mini daisy cookies.


I hope you all enjoyed this little pictorial, and if you do have any questions please comment and let me know, I would be more than happy to help!

Happy baking!

Love, Nelle xox