Cake tools and equipment can be so expensive and sometimes hard to find. Especially when it’s almost 2am and you cant find those overpriced scrapers you just bought!

I’m sure many of you can relate and if you can’t you may find these ideas interesting for the next time you dive into the cake-decorating world. Lets get started:

– Teaspoon: I use teaspoons almost all the time! I use it to create textures on my buttercream cakes as well as applying the Ganache drip!


-Plastic tablespoons: Ever wanted to make perfect sugar rose petals but don’t have anything to hold them in? Well if you have plastic spoons break the long end and hot glue the scoop onto a cake board and voila, you now have a petal shaper. If I cant find my petal board I sometimes just grab every single tablespoon I have in the house… I have so many so this works well for me.


– Wooden bamboo skewer: These can be used to create support when structuring tiered cakes (1 cake on top of each other), alternatively you could use bubble tea straws. Skewers can also be used to create patterns, textures.

– Sauce bottles: Plastic sauce bottles! You can find them at the dollar store or maybe around your house. This method can also be used to apply the Ganache drip. It can also be used to add simple syrup to your cakes.

– Water bottle: Now, if you’re familiar with Yolanda Gamp, then you definitely know who Sir Squeeze is, I really wanted one so I wanted to try making something similar (let’s all laugh lol) So I grabbed a water bottle, and poked holes into the lid and made roughly 5 holes. I filled it with cold simple syrup and it actually worked! Not as great as sir squeeze but it did the trick.

– Butter knife: The humble butter knife can be used as a scraper to smooth out your buttercream and spread it evenly between the layers, add patterns and textures to your cake.


– Ruler: 30cm plastic rulers are a staple in my cake kitchen, I use it to check the height of my cakes, as well as smooth them out! You can also find cheap scrapers from Bunnings!

– Apple corer: Used traditionally for coring apples but they can also be used to take the centre of cupcakes out and add delicious fillings!

– Zip-lock bags: These are fantastic to pipe chocolate decorations, Ganache drip, and even piping buttercream, just be sure to double up as sometimes they can break.

– Floral foam: Using floral foam to stick your cake pop sticks in instead of a cake pop stand!

– Ice cream scoop: I always use an ice cream scoop when making cupcakes, this ensures I get the same amount of batter in each cupcake patty.

– Sponge: A dishwashing foam sponge is useful when handling fondant, if you don’t have a foam petal pad you can use the sponge method to round out the edges of your petals.

– Salad dressing containers: These are cute little mini containers you can find at Coles, Woolworths or your local grocery store. They are meant to be for salad dressing but I use it to mix my lustre dusts so that every time I need to mix up some gold I just open the little container, it also helps with lustre dust wastage.

– Tweezers: Now after you’ve plucked your eyebrows just wack this little tool in your tool box, you’re good to go! JOKES! I have a never used tweezers in my tool box simply because its so handy for applying tiny details that I just cant pick up with my fingers.

– Eyebrow scissors/mini scissors: I think this speaks for itself, these little baby scissors can be so handy, can be used to create textured fur onto animals and so much more!
I hope you’ve enjoyed this fun little segment and if you have any fun cake tools that you use as every day items comment below and let me know! I’d love to hear all about it!
Happy baking!

Love Nelle xox