Seeing as Khloe Kardashian named her new baby girl “True” it’s only fitting that we reveal the Truth behind cake decorating HA! I promise not to be that lame throughout the entire blog post…maybe.

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before, cake decorating is hard work, not as easy as it looks and that pretty pictures of cakes don’t tell you even half the story behind it. The list goes on. But the real truth is behind the person making them. Their truth is poured into every single cake. Their happy days, bad days, dreams and fears are poured into this little thing called ‘cake’. It is our way of expressing ourselves, and giving new meaning to art in the form of cake.

Last week I faced a few challenges. Now I can safely say I’m glad I faced these challenges, but of course when I was going through them I was ready to throw in the towel and call it quits!

I had just come back from a short holiday and threw myself back into caking, I was excited to be back. However, I felt myself getting overwhelmed which I feel regularly, but I just thought this was a normal kind of feeling, the pressure, the stress, essentially the calm before the storm (Serious Kardashian vibes with this blog haha).

The first challenge I faced was that I couldn’t fondant my cake like I normally do. I covered it, smoothed it out and tried to achieve the usual sharp edges. FAIL. It was a complete fail, it looked so strange, lumpy, bulging, uneven, everything just looked absolutely terrible. I instantly just thought ok how do I fix this, should I keep smoothing should I just throw it in the bin?

I decided to calm myself, and ask for advice. This is something that I value deeply, don’t be scared to ask for advice from people you feel comfortable talking to. I asked a fellow caker and friend, Jade from @ivyandstonecakedesign a complete cake goddess. After speaking to her I felt a lot more calm and level headed. I went ahead and started pulling it apart, taking the fondant off and starting again. I had to re Ganache some areas and let it set for a few hours before recovering…Thank god for the wrap method.

IMG_5342 (1)

That was just challenge 1, another challenge was BUTTERCREAM! I was literally a mess over this one, so much more stressed out and frantic. Compared to the fondant cake which I was strangely a lot cooler, dare I say, as cool as a cucumber. However, for the buttercream cake I was a complete chaotic cucumber. This was also something that had never happened to me before so I was speechless I didn’t know what exactly went wrong. The issue was that my SMBC was airy, with many bubbles and I just couldn’t smooth it.

I ended up removing majority of the buttercream, stepping back from it for half an hour or so and chilling it down. Sometimes its best to step away from something when it just isn’t gong right. Giving yourself and your project some chill time really clears your mind, allows you to think more logically and rationally. Becoming emotional over your work is something every caker feels whether it’s for the better or worst. This can often cloud the way we work.

After chilling out and gathering myself I added more buttercream, smoothed it out and it worked! Looks like we both just needed a breather.


Although it was a tough week, I am actually grateful for these challenges.  It not only showed me what I’m made of and just how far I can push myself, but it showed me that it isn’t the end of the world. Things will get better and things will work out. I can do this, and I can get through anything. Although these may seem like small challenges, and I’m sure life has way more to thow at me these are my challenges right now and I’m proud of how I’m handling myself. Be proud of your accomplishments and your triumphs even if they are little. Sometimes the little triumphs are the biggest. Even the best of us can have bad days, things can go wrong and that doesn’t mean you are less than you were yesterday. One bad cake or one bad day does not measure your abilities as as a person, or in this case a cake maker. There is more to you than your failures. Our failures are so important because it allows you to truly appreciate your achievements!

So what is the truth behind cake decorating? Its us. The people behind the cake, where we come from, what we know, how we work, why we work, what motivate and drives us. The tuth is sometims we don’t know what we’re doing, we don’t know how to fix it, why bad things happen, but we feel it. We feel everything, the good the bad and the ugly. Often we just trial and error and hope for the best. Sometimes I want to sit and cry in the corner, give up and call it quits but I never do. But I don’t because it’s what I love, I get to do what I love and it’s something that I am so grateful for. Sure I want to make more time for myself, go to that birthday party, hang out more with my family, get that extra hour of sleep, but sometimes I just cant and if that’s what it takes then that’s what it takes.

It all worked out in the end, I personally think these two cakes are some of my favourite ones, not only because they ended up looking pretty snazzy but they taught me so much. I guess my dramatic cakes decided they wanted more stage time, cakes can be diva’s too. These cakes had a mind of their own LOL!

IMG_5366 (1).jpg

Happy baking!

Love, Nelle xox