I posted a scrumptious picture of these “caramel slice cake pops” on my instagram story a few days ago and I asked if anyone was interested in a recipe so here it is! It’s probably the simplest recipe in the world and I don’t even know if you can call it a recipe. Nevertheless, it’s a simple, delicious treat that you can whip up and satisfy those caramel cravings!

I call them caramel slice pops because they tasted like caramel slice to me. It isn’t a thick gooey caramel it’s more like a caramel cake truffle consistency. So if you’re after a traditional caramel slice recipe this isn’t it. Sorry!


Caramel mud cake ( I had left over caramel mud cake from cutting the tops off my mud cakes)
Milk and dark chocolate
Golden gaytime crumbs (alternate option listed below)
White chocolate (1:3 ratio 100g chocolate: 33g cream)
Golden syrup (to taste)

NOTE: The amount of ingredients you need will depend on how many cake pops you want to make, how much cake you have etc I chose not to list quantities so that you could play with your own recipe and quantities that suit YOUR needs. I would recommend adding ganache to the cake in little bits so that you can have the consistency, texture and flavour you’re happy with.

Making the Ganache
Combine your cream and golden syrup until it comes to a boil, pour over the white chocolate and mix together.
Making the cake pop dough
Crumble up your cake and add the Ganache. I like my cake pops really fudgy and gooey so I add quite a lot of Ganache to ensure there are no dry bits of cake.
Once combined roll into balls or press into molds and chill in the fridge until firm but not frozen or too solid.
I used a mixture of milk and dark chocolate to dip them because I wanted the sweetness of milk chocolate and bitterness of dark chocolate to offset the sweetness. I want the best of both worlds, who doesn’t haha! Melt your chocolate (I use the microwave method) in 10 second bursts and stir in-between so the chocolate doesn’t burn.
Once dipped in chocolate I quickly sprinkled the cake pops with golden gaytime crumbs all over the chocolate coating. If you don’t have access to golden gaytime crumbs I would suggest crushed arrowroot biscuits or any plain vanilla biscuit.

I hope that you make these and share them with your loved ones! I made these for Mr Sprinkles as a end of the week treat. There aren’t any left so I’m assuming he enjoyed them haha!

Happy baking!

Love, Nelle xox