Just because this is what we do, it doesn’t mean we wont fail, it doesn’t mean we can control everything that may or may not happen. Things won’t always go to plan. We can do everything right and still get it wrong. We can do something 100 times and then fail the 101th time.  It’s natural for things to go wrong.

A perfect example, the weather. I know we like to think we can control the weather, prepare for it and hope it changes, but it doesn’t always go to plan. Cakes and rain, don’t mix. Cakes and warm weather, don’t mix. Cakes and most weather, don’t mix!  We can try to control OUR environment but we can’t control outside factors like the weather, the venue and the car ride.

The rain –> humidity –> condensation –> sweating

The sun –> heat –> melting –> sloppy, soft disaster

I think you get the idea… I’ve had issues and i have tried to deal with the condensation with dusting corn flour, a de-humidifier, an air conditioner, moisture beads, a cardboard box, a fan, tylose powder kneaded into the fondant. It wouldn’t work. I thought to myself “why am I such a terrible cake decorator, if I cant even get this right why am I doing this?!” I eventually got it to cooperate long enough so I could decorate it and get it finished. I held it together and I finished the cake. Was it my best? No. Was it an enjoyable process? No. but did I finish it and did the client love it? YES. That’s the main thing.

The lesson? Don’t be too hard on yourself. We all want things to be perfect and beautiful, we want the client to love it and we want t be proud of it. But should we beat ourselves up over ONE disastrous cake after trying absolutely everything to make it work? Definitely not. Sometimes things melt, sometimes things sweat, sometimes decorations snap and we can’t help it.

But what we can do? Remind ourselves of our worth. Remind ourselves how awesome we actually are and understand that this one mishap doesn’t define our abilities. Get it fixed, message a friend, ask for advice, google search ideas and don’t give up. At the end of the day we have a duty to our client, and first and foremost to ourselves. We are our  worst critics but we can also be our own cheerleader.

Be your own cheerleader in tough times, we only have ourselves at the end of the day so be gentle with yourself. Love yourself and respect your craft. This is a tough job and it comes with tough obstacles. You win some, you lose some. Turn the wins into celebrations and the losses into lessons.

Happy caking!

Nelle x