The sassy baker and caker behind Sassy Sprinkles Cakery!

Hey, I’m Nelle! I’m a sassy, cake obsessed, Aquarius who wishes the world was pink! My passion for baking and cooking began when I was a child, helping my nene in her kitchen. When I was 15 I stumbled upon a cake decorating video on YouTube and I was hooked instantly. I began hobby baking and caking and cakes became an escape for me that allowed me to express my creative side. Cakes are how I express love, it’s the idea of creating something beautiful from nothing. Combining my sassy personality with my love for baking and caking “Sassy Sprinkles Cakery” was born in 2017. From having a guest appearance on Channel 7 making unicorn cheesecakes, being on the cover of the Yellow Pages, to working at the Cake Bake And Sweets show, I’m incredibly grateful for all the opportunities I’ve been given! My aim is to create beautiful intricate cakes, where I get to experiment, explore and create memorable edible treats loved by my clients. My style has evolved over time and I still continue to learn and expand my knowledge. My vibe is BOLD vibrant, colourful, PINK, completely sassy and outrageous. Less is not more in my world, the bigger and bolder the better. I always ensure that my work always has a point of difference and uniqueness. I love to challenge myself and push the boundaries. The greatest part of this job is getting to be apart of so many special celebrations and I hope I get to be apart of one of yours!

Love, Nelle x

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