1. Caker is not responsible for any damages after the cake has been picked up from the caker. Any damages due to transportation, dropping, handling, touching, weather whilst in the clients care, is not the responsibility of the caker.

2. If your cake has been damaged due to the weather (heat, wind or rain) this is also not the cakers responsibility.
3. If you are unhappy with the final product you have to express those opinions upon pick up or delivery.

4. If the cake is damaged in any way after delivery the caker is not responsible as I cannot account for how the cake is handled when not in my care.

5. If the cake has been delivered and is not left with the client that initially ordered the cake and is left with venue staff, family member or a friend the caker is not responsible for how they handle the cake.

6. If you are unhappy with the final product and request a refund the entire cake must be given back for further inspection.

7. Any changes to the design with less than a weeks notice will be charged accordingly and fees may apply.

8. Any cancellations less than 24-48 hours notice will require the full amount to be paid and no deposit will be refunded or used at a later stage as a credit.

9. If you do not arrive on time to pick up your cake at the discussed and allocated time without explanation, I cannot guarantee you will get your cake. Please be on time.

10. When picking up your cake, it is advised you bring someone with you to hold the cake or you have a rubber mat inside the car to ensure the cake does not move.

11. If the cake maker damages the cake in anyway upon delivery you will be issued a refund.

12. If you have hired a cake stand and it is damaged whilst in your care, you are responsible for replacing and compensating with money to the same value of the cake stand for the damaged property.

13. You are responsible to address and voice any allergies and concerns about ingredients upon consultation and via email when ordering. The customer is responsible for informing their guests of any allergy information accordingly and you cannot be held liable for any allergic reaction resulting from consumption of the cake. None of my cakes are allergy friendly, the use of nuts, gluten and dairy are used.

14. If final payment is NOT made a week before the event, the cake will not be made on scheduled time and this may impact the delivery/pick up of the cake. Payment must be made on time unless discussed otherwise.

15. Client must be reachable prior to pick up via mobile phone or email, as well as prior to delivery In case of emergency.

16. Please understand that cakes are not perfect as each cake is handmade and baked from scratch. Please leave room for minor error.

17. If a deposit is paid and the cake is cancelled or postponed with less than 2 weeks notice, the deposit will not be refunded and will be issued as a credit to use within 6 months.

18. Deposits given and not used within the allocated time frame issued by the caker will not be refunded and not used as a credit towards future orders.

19. If a deposit is paid after the due date listed on the invoice, that date is only subject to availability and the caker has the right to refuse.

20. After a confirmed quote and invoice has been sent out and there are any changes to the design, another invoice and quote will need to be issued and charges may apply.

21. If the order is cancelled with at least three weeks notice, the deposit can be used as a credit for a future order. Any cancellations after this means a loss of deposit and no credit will be issued.

22. If you require delivery after you have discussed pick up options, you will receive an additional invoice that needs to be paid a week before delivery.

23. Upon delivery, customer will be responsible for a stable and levelled cake presentation table upon which the cake is to be displayed.

24. The customer should be informed what is the best way to store the cake which is in the supplied box at room temperature or in air conditioning in warmer months, or in a refrigerator to ensure freshness and stability if the cake is buttercream. Till when is the cake safe to consume after initial serving, after which it is customers discretion and, therefore, becomes their responsibility.

26. If the customer provides images to the caker, the caker has the unrestricted right to use and publish photographs of customers cake or pictures in which they may be included. For, e.g., advertising, display, website and internet promotion, photographic contests, public display, cake industry publications, studio display, television advertising, magazine advertising.

27. The caker has a right of withdrawal for any placed orders due to contributing factors such as non-payment, non-cooperation, changes to order with less than a weeks notice, disrespectful communication, non communication.